Apr 30, 2010

Friday Fashion Spotlight: The Earring

Earrings are big bold and beautiful this year as we saw on most of the major runway’s for spring/summer 2010 and it’s another great accessory to make a statement with. In recorded history, earrings have been traced back to the ancient city of Perspolis, Persia, where the illustrations on the walls depict soldiers wearing earrings. During the Roman Empire, jewellery was crafted and worn with gusto as a sign of status and luxury and the earrings were made of shiny materials and gem stones so that they could illuminate the face. The popularity of earrings also largely depended on the fashions that prevailed at the time, today whether the earrings are for pierced ears or clip on’s earrings are always fashionable and they are a hot item. Their made of any number of materials, including plastic, glass, precious stones, beads, and other materials and have become lighter in weight, so if you are one of those people who love to spark up your style and love big earrings this is the year for you.

Apr 28, 2010

Photographer Spotlight # 4

Victor De Mello

Photographer Victor De Mello's images you will find an absolute devotion to the power of beauty and shapes. The photographic techniques result in lush, translucent images that are loaded with sensuality emotional presence with focus on line, shape and expression and sometimes with dark messages. His inspiration is deeply rooted in the passionate expressions of Latin culture - classic chastity is mixed with raw sexual power. The results are timeless images but with a touch of the presence that evoke thought. Born in Portugal and moved to Brazil at age 17 were he started his career and now lives and works in London but makes the world his playground. He has become one of the industries most sought after photographers with a reputation for telling story’s through his images.

Apr 26, 2010

Brunette Summer Ombre Hair Color

One of the best times of the year to start getting your hair healthier or wanting to cultivate your own natural hair color through your already existing highlighted or colored hair this summer is with an Ombre approach. The “look” so to speak is and can be a beautiful style, dark-grown out roots worn with confidence also is one of my favourite way’s to help a client go from light blonde shades of highlights to darker tones, caramel’s, light brown’s etc, for a more natural look. And in the summer I hardly ever do lowlights because with the sun they always turn brassy, for me it’s not the best time of the year for lowlights, so ombre hair color is an ideal approach. Whether the ends of the hair are platinum or just simply to light the choice you make for the new hair color put through will determine a bolder or softer end result. The techniques I use to create these types of ombre colored looks are, back combing (coloring the back combed parts) not the typical straight ends, foil or slice highlights. Ombre hair being accidental or deliberate is another raw fresh look with great benefits such as preparing the hair for a new fall look without compromising style.

Apr 23, 2010

Friday Fashion Spotlight: The Pink Lip

Pink goes full-throttle this spring and summer, from brazen pinks, baby pinks, to sheer pinks, and the shades reign supreme with so many options for a shade of pink you want to wear. With every cosmetic company out there promoting their spring/summer collections and their own versions of pink you can choose from many shades in a lipstick, lip gloss and stains. And if a bold, bright pink lip is not for you think about a more conservative spin like a baby pink which is my favourite. Whichever shade of pink you go for this season a great trick you can try is to create an illusion that makes your pout even more pillowy is applying a touch of shimmery white eye shadow to the center of your lips. Pink is hot and sexy that is sure to make a statement, and whether it’s bold or soft go for pink.

Apr 21, 2010

It's A Year Old

It is now a year almost to the day that I started this blog, and at the beginning I really thought no one was going to take time to read my posts. My original thought to having a blog was for me, with all the things that I have interest in one of course being hair color, fashion, makeup, art, photography, people etc. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be sitting here with over 600 followers on my blog and people making comments and actually telling me how much they like it and appreciate my experience in hair color. So for all those who have supported me and my blog a huge‘Thank You’goes out to each and every one of you, I love sharing all that I know and love, I will continue to express myself , thoughts and passions.
HCC xo.

Apr 20, 2010

Photographer Spotlight # 3

Arthur Egort

Arthur Elgort is known for photographing the world's most beautiful women and over the past 30 years has become one of the world's most renowned fashion photographers, working with numerous international fashion labels as well with all major fashion publications. Elgort's work has been exhibited internationally and is represented in a permanent collection of the international center of photography in New York as well in the Victoria Albert museum in London .His body of work has been displayed is well known and is and remains one of today’s most respected photographer. His love of models is legendary and they’ve all posed for him at some time, he even dedicated a book to his subjects in 1993, entitled Arthur Elgort’s Models Manual. He continues to work and capture what he calls ‘the beauty within the beauty’ with the supermodels and celebrities of today.

Apr 14, 2010

Friday Fashion Spotlight: The Scarf

Recently the scarf has experienced something of a revival, once again becoming a must-have item by women around the world. Scarves convey elegance and sophistication and have the advantage of flexibility in how they’re worn – around the neck. The future of scarves looks secure and these fashion items now represent a huge opportunity for exciting use of colours, patterns and materials. Knitting and weaving techniques are developing all the time to cope with the increasing demands of the world’s fashion designers. It was the French who were so enamoured with these unusual and colourful scarves, which they began to wear them calling them cravats. From the cravat we have progressed to today’s beautiful scarves, available in a multitude of colours and designs to compliment any outfit.