May 28, 2010

Friday Fashion Spotlight: The Cocktail Ring

Making a style statement with a big colorful and dramatic cocktail ring is the latest trend in fashion forward accessories. These fabulous baubles are showing up on many hands and not only worn for cocktail party’s but simply as just a ring on a casual day. The cocktail ring was premiered in the speakeasies of the prohibition era; the fashionable and daring females of the 1920s would wear rings with giant fake jewels to showcase their gorgeous gowns and their illegal cocktails. In the 50’s and 60’s a new name was given to the cocktail ring – dinner ring which lady’s would put on when they were attending a special dinner party or out for dinner at an expensive restaurant. And for the longest time the cocktail ring was only worn with a gown used as an accessory for those occasional events, it also disappeared out of fashion and very rarely seen. Today the ring is a fantastic statement of style and a popular trend, it can literally make wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt smashing with a small detail like a cocktail ring.

May 26, 2010

Footwear for the Service Providers

When it comes to shoes, comfort is of utmost importance particularly when your job is in the service providing industry, waiting, retail, hairdressing etc. And like all young people I would wear the latest shoe trends to work where I would be standing for 10 to sometimes 14 hours a day behind my chair coloring people’s hair. I quickly realised that if I was to survive in the hair business with no health issue i.e. varicose veins, lower back pain, leg pains and maintain good posture I needed to change my footwear. So 25 year’s out of my 30 year career I have always worn comfortable shoes, either sneakers, flats, or my beloved Birkenstocks which up until a few days ago were my favourite. A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to an Israeli shoe brand called Naot by my very chic & wonderful friend Wendy who always wears the best of everything, she was wearing these fabulous bronzy sneakers which I loved, she insisted that they were the most comfortable pair of shoes ever. She was right! Naot shoe-sneaker is an unbelievably comfortable stylish shoe, and as a hairdresser who’s constantly searching for style with comfort benefits in my footwear I am thrilled I found them.

Seems that the shoe industry is finally starting to offer more options for comfort foot wear that are stylish and clever using high tech materials that have thinner support insoles, some shoe companies have even created pressure point insoles. So today there is no need to compromise style for comfort with shoes any longer, there are so many fantastic choices out there and as for anyone who stands on their feet for their job I highly recommend going shoe shopping and get those feet into a great pair of comfort shoes, believe me it will feel heavenly with a little funky style.

May 21, 2010

Friday Fashion Spotlight: Summer White Pant Suit

The white pant suit is a sophisticated and classic choice, and this summer the white pant suit is a headliner. It’s elegant, refined, comfortable and powerful – without looking to masculine, and whether you like a slim leg, wide leg or a baggier look the statement remains the same “Oh So Chic” .
The pant suit was introduced in the 1920s, when women took on a new role wearing pantsuits, hats, and even canes however the women’s white pant suit made serious waves by the 1970’s in what we know as the 'disco' era, when the likes of Bianca Jagger and Margaux Hemingway wore Halston’s white pant suit to studio 54, the look became one of the most sought after in that time. Today the white pant suit remains one of the most stylish summer outfits, which are made from light weight materials like linen, silks, and plush cottons; it’s perfect to showcase colorful tops as well as accessories. Wearing the white pant suit to the office, dinner or a special events it still remains one of the classiest choices of outfits which forever will scream power, confidence and pure elegances.

May 19, 2010

The Mani - Pedi

There is more to a manicure pedicure then we think these days’s, other than the pure visual vanity of pretty nails and feet there is hygiene and well-being to consider. And who doesn’t love a mani-pedi? Maybe those who have uncontrollable tickles,, but the ever so growing popularity with this‘feel good’ services is evident with all the nails bars and cosmetic and non-cosmetic company’s popping up everywhere with new nail products and colors.

The manicure, Pedicure are important to the health of the fingers, toes and nails, and keeping them groomed i.e. dry cuticles, hang nails removed helps create circulation to the nerve endings. Getting regular mani-pedi’s also prevents any sort of fungus that could get trapped in the toe nail bed particularly in the open toe sandal season. The other benefit is massage “reflexology” and if it not offered in the manicure or pedicure ask the service provider if they can massage your feet or hands or both, there is an incredible amount of toxins that permeate through the hands and feet as well as healing.

We often forget about our hands and feet which do go through war each and every day, it might be a luxury to pay for beautiful hands and feet but well worth it, and with the many fabulous nail polish colors and company’s to pick from your hands and feet will sure draw attention this summer.

May 17, 2010

Hair & Hair Color Challenge #12

HCC Email/Question

Dear Hair Color Corner
I recently had knee surgery and swimming is my physio therapy 3x a week, I presently have an all over blonde hair color with a few lighter high lights on the top of my hair shoulder length, my challenge is ever since I started swimming in chlorinated pool I began to notice my hair color has been turning not green but more of a yellowish flat tone and have tried several protective products for chlorine, to date nothing is working and my hair is becoming dryer and dryer. I do wear a cap and have tried wearing a conditioner underneath on my hairdressers suggestion but it still gets wet , I feel like my hair looks like a broom worried it will break off do you have any suggestions or advice to help me with this challenge
Megan .

One of the most common challenges as long as I can remember has been chlorine and blonde hair colors which are the main victims because anything and everything depositing on to the hair is more visible then say a brunette because it is a light shade. The yellowish flat cast you are seeing is what we call mustard tone that starts turning greenish, not so pretty but typical and accompanied by dehydration (dryness) and possibly breakage. What I often do when I have a client with this challenge is start them on a regiment that I call Swimmers Hair, which not only involves the correct shampoo/conditioner, treatment ect but beginning with the hair color first.

First there is no doubt in my opinion that all hair colors especially blondes after the actual color service should have a Gloss, Glaze, a colorless semi-permanent which will add a clear coating onto the hair locking in the hair color like a topcoat on nails which can and does protect impurities depositing on the hair like chlorine as well as mineral deposits from our actual pluming or water systems. Second after each visit to the pool I recommend immediate shampooing allowing no time for the chlorine to sit or dry into the hair, taking with you a detoxifying shampoo wash rinse then taking a spray bottle with plan old white vinegar spray the hair with ample amount comb hair leave it in for 5 minutes then rinse out followed by conditioner, the next day I have my clients washing and conditioning their hair with color protective products.

As for using a cap it is one of the best and only things to use, I suggest applying a conditioner all over the hair use a plastic baggy or cellophane wrap then for a better grip lightly apply a bit more conditioner on the actual plastic pop on the cap, this way the swimming cap won’t move. There are a few extra steps that one needs to take when you swim in pools and are a blonde just keep in mind it’s worth it for your hair, pocket book, and sanity.
My Reccomanded Products

Aveda; Gloss /Deposit Only Color Treatment, Sun Care Masque, Color Conserve Shampoo & Conditioner, Detoxifier/ Sun Care Hair Cleanser , Spary Bottle & White Vinegar

May 14, 2010

Friday Fashion Spotlight: The Sneaker

Today sneakers are very popular among people of all ages (children and adults alike), and fashion designers have jumped on the band wagon and have created some of the most stylish sneaker shoes available that cost perhaps just as such as a fancy pair of evening shoes. The sneaker has become a wide spread trend with many fashionistas and it is not only for the use of an athletic sport any longer. No matter what style or color of sneaker you choose it is a sure thing you’re in fashion, and the idea of sneakers paired with a dress might be daunting to many others are sporting the look with confidence. The sneaker or runner has been around since the 1800’s and was primarily used for sporting events; they were made from thick leather with cut out groves on the bottom of the soles, the thought was the weight of the shoe and groves would promote more speed and control, this philosophy through the eras started to change with the engineering on how to make a lighter and faster shoe. Presently there is thousands of variety of sneakers to pick from and different materials such as leather, canvas, quilted, etc, so go for a fabulous pair of sneakers and wear them whenever and with whatever outfit, you will get the compliments.