Jan 27, 2012

Smokey Platinum Blonde

I often say ‘if it wasn’t for blondes and grey hair I wouldn’t have a job’, thank god I do! And for some time now we haven’t really seen any spotlight on “Blonde” per say nor a trend on bleach blonde hair until now. The new platinum blonde generation that will start emerging this next season is stunning and sassy; the look is an arid more dusty-powdery slate smokiness undertone to it which I call Angel Blonde. To me there are a couple of technical twists I do or add to ensure that my Bleach and Tone is going to be the desired end result we want. And in my experience I have noticed that hairdressers are far too hasty in the process of removing the product off the head fear perhaps. Trick 1; just when you are absolutely sure the bleaching process is done literally give it another 5 to 10 minutes longer, remembering that the product is white and tricks our eye and most important nothing debilitating will happen to the hair with a little extra time.

The other observation is that there is a tendency to just think that the toner chosen is going to do the job with the BRASS, logic is as well in Art if there is any yellow left it will oxidize muddy, lifeless, hence why a double process client comes back in looking a little Blah. Trick 2; less is best, try to tone hair with Color Conditioners, Universal Gloss with pigment or simply in most cases when that double process is perfect and even into an ivory tone (no Yellow) you do absolutely nothing to the hair accept conditioner. The natural oxidization of the environment, particles in the air, water etc. will grey it out naturally however they always go home with a color conditioner Aveda Blue Malva or Black Malva. After a week the client comes in to see you and at this point is when a Universal Gloss plus pigment all-over toner is applied. This way whatever the hair has picked up any deposits, residues the toner (gloss) will take care of it as well as deposit a strong or whisper of whatever undertone both you and client choose.

Platinum Blonde is a classic when done right and history has proven through decades that it still draws the attention this spring let’s Angel up some hair  

Jan 18, 2012

Pastel Hair Colors

In the past if I said blue green, purple, pink hair almost everyone would think punk rock this is not the case any longer. 2012 looks like a year for statement made hair color! And still leading the way as we saw last year are the likes of Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Rihanna with their bold and striking hair colors that have blazed a path for others to follow. This year we are adding grey and softer pastels to the mix as we are seeing off the runways and celebs showcasing new hair trends, Kate Moss added grey highlights, Kelly Osbourne looks like she used a Roux Fanci- Full hair rinse to achieve her very cool greyish/purple locks and Kate Bosworth with dip dyed green. For me to see pastel hair pulled off with such sophistication is oh so inspiring and exciting, I am not sure how long this trend will last but for now it’s fantastic. So whether you are adding colorful extensions, all over funk or just adding a few pieces pastels are smoking hot.

Jan 9, 2012

Email; Thank You

Getting into the hairdressing industry was in me from a child I think, a fun thing to do!!Taking my mother’s nail polishes and painting my Barbie dolls hair at age 7 “as mom reminds me” it was so cool!!! And it still is with more rewards then I could have ever thought. Going from a high school dropout straight into washing hair in a foreign country too more foreign cities, being amidst and part of the decade trends, and a career filled with acclaims from press and peers, it has been and remains a true blessing to say I Love what I do. And the passion I have for all beauty whether its  fashion, design, nature, arts of any kind keep me inspired my learning and experiences have helped to elevate me to where I am today 30 ode years later. Yet nothing inspires and feeds my heart more than making people look and feel great starting from the inside out and really doing it with a pure servant’s heart. We sometimes forget why we do what we do and then comes a gift unexpected, Please read the email I received.

Hello Ana. My name is Ted and I wanted to write you a line about the stunning high lighting you did with Sara a few days ago. She is the love of my life and her hair supports my contention that she is the most beautiful woman I could ever have imagined. Her blond tresses accentuate her charms and focus on her radiance. Sara is fortunate to have you, Ana, to assist her in helping her to glow! Well done! Ted

Sara a 65 year old client of mine married to Ted for 40 years! I have never met him as of yet, Sara beat cancer a year ago. Saturday Sara was my 10:00am appointment, it was for me a heartfelt joy that she was healthy and we could color her hair in over a year. My main goal was to make her look beautiful like never before and make her laugh and smile leaving the studio happy 'a great experience'. When we finished she started to cry from pure joy she loved her hair color and I could see in her eyes the smile from inside, I knew I had done my job!!! Thank You Ted for reminding me why I love what I do with a servants heart.

Jan 3, 2012

Daring New Hair Colors

Now that we have entered a new year it’s time to step out of your usual hair color and try something different, it’s amazing how changing hair colors can do wonders for confidence and your own individual style. In this modern day world we live in we have elevated the bar as far as style goes and uniqueness is highly praised, no one wants to look boring and hair color is one of the easiest ways and fastest growing service to guarantee that individuality is the way to go for 2012.

There are countless of gorgeous hair color hues out there to choose from but that doesn't make them suitable for everyone, skin tones as well as personality play an influential role in finding the perfect hair color. When it comes to new hair color think outside of the box, blonde and soft pastel tones, brunettes with higher contrast, redheads with intense tones are all so beautiful. And regardless of the intensity of the color or colors there’s an assortment of hair coloring techniques available and my coloring ideas for 2012 include bolder mixes of different multi-colors, dip dyes, emo hair colors and two toned colors. Keep in mind any change we do is a good thing even if it's one single panal of a little something something going on. So change up that single process or highlight/lowlight applications for a more daring look, could be the best thing you ever did for your own personal satisfaction.

Here are some inspirations too make you think