Nov 26, 2012

Get Inspired


From architectural designs both historic and modern to nature’s abundance of colors, textures, like intricate weaves of bamboo and wood to patterns which offer unique placement ideas (techniques) using curvature or linear lines, to art, make-up, photography etc.etc. Are all inspirational to me and always have been, remembering that pretty much everything including hair use the same fundamental design principles one being (The Color Wheel) which cannot be recreated. And taking ideas and color combination from any form of art can have a magical outcome on your creative senses and can help us out of our “boxes” so to speak. Let’s look at children’s hair with all the splendid natural touches of colors and how nature does not use strategic strokes when sun-kissing their hair, think about that. And just as an architect, fashion designers, graphic illustrators, photographers, make-up artists, hairdressers work in shapes they all use color to bring their work to life.

Nov 19, 2012

Mello Yellow Hair Color

For years I have been trying to achieve a soft lemon yellow hair color and until this past year I can honestly say “FINALLY” got it!! Thank you Aveda for Pure Pigment Yellow. It’s a versatile, compatible tone that I pretty much add it to a lot of my formulas, from browns to soft buttery blondes to yes lemon. We all tend to make blondes darker and instead of going darker this winter perhaps we can try keeping them slightly brighter, perkier yet soft. Adding yellow as one of the tones in tri-coloring (3 colors of highlights) is also a beautiful look on brunettes as well let’s not forget the redheads which is ultimately the best array of harmony in colors yet I feel blondes and brunettes can rock the yellow too.

Tip: add Y pigment to any Level as well with BV, LVB it delivers the warmth without the orange/red when you only want a slight touch.





Nov 13, 2012

Reverse Ombre

You probably already adore the Ombre fad, or as a hairdresser sick of it, in either case it’s still a high requested service by clients. And being inspired from the runways this fall-winter like Prada and Jean Paul Gaultie with daring interpretation on the reversed ombre hair colors it got me thinking ‘what if’ I start suggesting this to my clients. I love the look!! and the best part it’s a great way to grow out black or dark solid (tint) colors “Why-Not!  I have always liked darker hair color coming from the nape and whatever the face shape or body size is having a silhouette appear darker from the bottom or underneath creates leaner linear lines. It does not have to be as bold as some of these inspirations, if a client wants to move away from dark hair and go a couple of levels (shades) lighter this can be a great option, keep in mind that after suggestion a reserve ombre eventually the hair at some point will need to be cut so make sure clients are told this. And whatever the technique that is used to achieve the ombre with the reserve ombre always starts out soft.



Nov 5, 2012

Plum and more Plum Color

It's all about the Plum tone and if you have one item that say's plum this fall/winter then your in the spotlight, whether its hair color, a scarf, boots, hat, lips, nails you name it adding plum
is a great way to add some pop of rich color. Plum is a magical and most often thought of as sensual so try something new even if its a few panels/highlights of plum tones too your burnette hair color.


HCC Tip; Plum tones are blue based so when you want to achive intense plums and violets the hair must be at almost a platinum (no yellow). Think Color Wheel, yellow and purple cancel each other out....