Nov 5, 2012

Plum and more Plum Color

It's all about the Plum tone and if you have one item that say's plum this fall/winter then your in the spotlight, whether its hair color, a scarf, boots, hat, lips, nails you name it adding plum
is a great way to add some pop of rich color. Plum is a magical and most often thought of as sensual so try something new even if its a few panels/highlights of plum tones too your burnette hair color.


HCC Tip; Plum tones are blue based so when you want to achive intense plums and violets the hair must be at almost a platinum (no yellow). Think Color Wheel, yellow and purple cancel each other out.... 


1 comment:

  1. I always love your posts! I've been using a lot of plum lately on guests. Anywhere from pastel to bright rich plums. I always love your insight into the world I love most!

    Miss you bunches! xoxo

    Sarah @ Pyure Salon Coconut Creek