Nov 26, 2012

Get Inspired


From architectural designs both historic and modern to nature’s abundance of colors, textures, like intricate weaves of bamboo and wood to patterns which offer unique placement ideas (techniques) using curvature or linear lines, to art, make-up, photography etc.etc. Are all inspirational to me and always have been, remembering that pretty much everything including hair use the same fundamental design principles one being (The Color Wheel) which cannot be recreated. And taking ideas and color combination from any form of art can have a magical outcome on your creative senses and can help us out of our “boxes” so to speak. Let’s look at children’s hair with all the splendid natural touches of colors and how nature does not use strategic strokes when sun-kissing their hair, think about that. And just as an architect, fashion designers, graphic illustrators, photographers, make-up artists, hairdressers work in shapes they all use color to bring their work to life.

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