Oct 31, 2012

Salon Stress Relieve

Doing it Right
When you ask anyone what is their favorite part when visiting an Aveda salon the answer is The Stress Relieving Treatment and The Shampoo.  I get a lot of opportunities in visiting many Aveda salons all over the globe and other then that oh so familiar smell (the products) the one constant is the SRT. I am always interested in finding out how each individual salon approaches it, and most recently having visited a great salon in Montreal ‘Au Premier’ I was impressed in how they serviced their SRT. Within the back part of the salon there with all its glory was a VAULT yes a magnificent old bank vault (the space was once a bank) which they kept and turned it into a private area where the SRT’s are done on clients ‘Brilliant’, each station has curtains for complete privacy with no noise due to the original 3 foot solid walls.  From there the clients are then directed to the shampoo basins for what seemed to be an incredible relaxing shampoo, NO ONE TALKING, and watching the clients I could sense they truly enjoy this part of the process so much that one of the clients told me she would pay just to get the Stress Relieving Treatment and shampoo. What great service and we should all think about this before we talk to or over a client’s head when shampooing or doing a Stress Relieving Service. Way to go Team Au Premier!!


Salon: Au Premier
5487 Avenue de Monkland
Montreal, QC H4A 1C6
(514) 489-8872

Oct 27, 2012

Bold Hair Colors

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Aveda Hair Color let's you paint with ultimate creative freedom using a customized artists palette !!. Go Bold with new pure pigments or old classics.