Jul 31, 2009


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Jul 30, 2009

Straightening Gloss For Hair

Product Spotlight: Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener.

The best new straightening product on the market today has arrived and my clients absolutely love it, welcome smooth infusion glossing straightener. It can be used on wet hair or even dry with Hydrolized wheat protein protecting the cuticle from heat damage caused by hot styling tools. And I have found that when we use this incredible product on those clients that want smoother no frizz hair we don’t need to use the flat irons as much saving both the stylist and client’s time when doing their hair. No heavy residues of oils to weight hair down, and by day’s end the hair looks and feels just as it did in the morning, smooth, shiny and still styled. Most straightening products out there have man-made silicones in them, this newest gem from Aveda contains cellulose which is a naturally plant-derived silicon giving the product a fantastic silky feeling to the hands and hair while doing its job in protecting the hair and keeping it straight.

Jul 29, 2009

Red Hot Hair

Red hair color is the most influential color of this year, and it’s still a hot color trend for fall 2009.Warm shades of reds are playing up with intensity for falls earthy palette. And the reds are showing up on the runways with various vibrant shades, making for a spicy mix of chilli red, paprika, and cinnamon. There are very few natural redheads around so if you choose to wear this fall’s “it” color you will be noticed, red is not for the shy but for the daring

Jul 27, 2009

Legendary Hairdressers Vol 2

Continuing from the Legendary Hairdressers Vol 1, this next group featured of Masters all revolutionized hair in the era of Punk, New Age, coining in the phrase “Avant Grade” and inspiring millions of us to be more daring, “cool” and cut/color as they created the trends, the very so cool 80’s.

Trevor Sorbie A pioneer revered by his peers as one of the greatest hairdressers in the world, since the early 1970s, as Artistic Director at Vidal Sassoon and then expanding into his own brand creating original techniques and cuts (like The Wedge, The Chop, The Scrunch), he defined the avant-garde "look" in hair around the globe over three decades of creating and educating. Trevor Sorbie is a hero amongst the hairdressing industry and his classic styles with edgier twists will remain synonymous for many decades to come.

Christiaan was the first truly radical thinker in hairdressing; respected for his spontaneity and as a risk-taking session artist , he created Debbie Harry (Blondie) blonde/black tresses and Grace Jones dramatic flat-top. He was one of the first to receive acclaim as a session hairdresser and into c career of editorial stardom. Christiaan still works today with the likes of Vogue, Allure and many others and continues to making statements through hair.

Irvine Rusk is best known from the husband and wife team of Irvine and Rita Rusk, renowned for the dramatic creations edgy cuts and colors in the 1980’s to early 90’s, cutting off entire fringes and sculpting out pieces of hair creating shapes and taking the undercut to another levelwith extraordinary textures. Irvine designed the very first texturizing shears called the alpha and beta blades which are still used today to create these intense textures. His images were seen worldwide on magazine covers and inside editorials and as an educator, his shows were regularly sold out. Mr Rusk remains respected for contributing decades to the hair industry and sharing his artistic, radical ideas and still inspiring many young hairstylist worldwide.

Jul 20, 2009

Hair Color Myth or Truth

Should hair be clean or dirty for a coloring service?
For as long as I can remember this debut amongst hairdressers has been going on forever, and there was a time that coming to the salon for hair coloring or highlighting I would demand that the hair be dirty. Back then the products were harsher and the peroxides stronger, they would burn or bite people’s scalps so having their own natural oils would work as a barrier to prevent such discomfort. That was the past today I prefer people to come in with clean hair or no more than 2 days of unwashed hair.
My suggestion is clean hair allows the colors to develop as they are formulated to do so without working harder to lift out oils or styling products which actually can take part in the brassy end results we all hate,, perhaps this is why so many hairdressers use bleach for blonde highlights. And it only makes sense when dealing with grey coverage to ensure the color is going on a clean scalp, again so the color can do its job, another good reason is that any color service done on clean hair also processes faster doesn’t have so much build-ups to work through.
A Couple of tricks I have used for years on sensitive scalps when I am applying a tint is adding a packet of sugar twin, equal, sweet & low, whatever brand into my formula, it stop the possible burn, and if I know any individuals that react to hair color I ask them to take 1 antihistamine 1 hour before they come in to see me. Both of these tricks have always worked for me and my clients for the past 3 decades, these tricks do not apply to highlighting hair because the color does not sit on the scalp, so go ahead wash your hair the night before and see how much better hair color responds to your hair.

Jul 17, 2009

Hair Coloring & The Bob

The Everlasting Bob

As I continue to acknowledge the Bob’s100 years 1909-2009, we can say it is back and fabulous as always, though this classic shape has never left it is and remains to be the most requested haircut worldwide, hence why we are celebrating its 100th birthday. The best thing about this shape is that it can be worn by anyone, the Bob cuts today are not only the traditional chin length we think of but they are customized for longer hair, shoulder lengths or shorter, the main point is that it’s the most versatile haircut around.
Hair coloring a bob amongst most creative hair coloring artists all agree that a Bob cut is one of their favorite styles to color, and spicing up a modern Bob haircut with hair color is the way to go. With classic color shades or edgy, we can use color for detailing on all the fabulous variations of the haircut out there. My personal preferences with coloring these shapes range from simple to creative, gorgeous shinny solid tints (over all one color) or adding soft or bolder dimensions, using highlighting, lowlighting, block coloring, or color melting techniques to create a custom made classic rocking Bob, this shape has endless possibilities with hair coloring choices, and the bottom line is that it can be worn sexy or edgy but still remains the classic!

Inspirational Brown

Inspirational red

Inspirational Black

Inspirational Blonde

Jul 15, 2009

Star Trend # 5 Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is one of America’s Sweet Heart’s , she has given that term a new meaning with her wholesome, corky, energetic and remarkable beauty. We first took notice of her in the film Speed and loved her in Miss Congeniality; we have also watched Sandra make changes with her hair as well as her hair color and Sandra has been on People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful list several times, to date remains on the top lists for best hair or best dressed and through all the changes her style is always classic with a slight edge of sexiness to it.
Sandra Bullock’s hair colors have always been beautiful, rich browns from dark to light or with golden tones of highlights and even reds she has sported, and hairstylists everywhere will agree that she is one of the celebrity's women want their hair to look like. She remains one of my favorite stars to use as a reference and continue to watch for her lastest hair trends. And for all those brunettes out there wanting a little splash of color like Sandra's, bring your stylist one of her many styles and hair colors she has had.

Jul 13, 2009

Perming Hair vs Hair Retexturizing

When you ask women today if they ever had a permanent wave 80% say yes with negative connotations and fearful faces attached to their experience—that 1980s perm. The thought of a permanent wave is daunting for both client and stylist, understandably so on the clients part I have seen many unhappy people and bad perms in my time, also understandably for the stylist who probably never learnt any other way’s of creating texture or different perm techniques other than the ones taught in the traditional cosmetology schools of the past and still some present. I encourage stylists to re-visit the chapter on permanent waving and find different tools you can use to create what hair trends were seeing for fall/winter 2009-2010 and that is textured hair, hints from the 80’s and 90’s amid fantastic classic shapes.
Today's perms, which for decades I have called, ‘re-texturizing’ can create everything from body to loose and sexy waves to adding support to details on a haircut and today they can also give you the true "wash and wear" look that every woman seeks for. It is also a great way to give hair a break and free you from the hassles of setting, blow-drying, and curling irons. However not everyone can have one or should have one, that is for the stylist/client to determine if the hair can be retextured, never do a home-perm. Their also a fantastic way to grow-out a shape, from bob’s, shoulder length cuts, long hair with fringes, the approach unlike the past is softer using bigger perm rods, pin curl sets, or setting rollers to perm with today, all resulting in beautiful stylish textured hair complimenting any kind of mode, so don’t be scared to go for a new and improved approach to re-texturizing (perming) hair, it’s back and it’s hot.

Jul 10, 2009

Legendary Hairdressers vol 1

Within every era and industry there are masters, innovators and pioneers who leave legacies, here are the first to set the stage in the hairdressing world.

Alexandre de Paris (1922-2008) Paris’ most famous hairdresser, he ruled the runways of the French haute couture beginning in the 1950’s with his incredible upstyles (updo’s) and shapes, and his techniques are taught in cosmetology schools and done in salons around the world. He’s list of clients included Elizabeth Taylor, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Grace, Maria Callas, Sophia Lauren, and Mrs. Wallis Simpson the Duchess of Windsor, Alexandre de Paris will remain a legend in the art of the true sense of the meaning of hairdressing.

Kenneth (or Mr. Kenneth) elevated salon hairdressing to a new level by creating the House of Kenneth in New York in 1962, which quickly became a haven for members of New York society. He created service that was lavish and it was the IT place to go to for socialites, senator’s wives and celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy, for whom he created the famous (and often imitated) bouffant.

Vidal Sassoon needs little introduction except to say that he revolutionized the way hair is cut and how haircutting is learned around the globe. We hold in the highest regard for his vision, extraordinary talent and contribution to the craft, creating everlasting cuts such as the pixie on Mia Farrow or the geometric bob’s, which are all to date the most requested shapes worldwide for the past 4-5 decades.

Jul 7, 2009

The Hair Band

Love The Look

No matter what face shape you have, texture of hair or pretty much any length hair bands are the way to go, it's the best and fastest way to have either a classy or casual hair day and it's fast and simple, so put it up and tie a single band around your head.The messier the hair the better and this look as been around a long time and is one of my favourite archived styles in hair being put up. And with a few bobby pins exposed on the sides and back to pin the hair up and away, you now have a stylish hair day whatever the wardrobe is this look is organic elegance both for women and men.