Jul 2, 2009

Mens Hair Coloring

Men’s hair trends are making waves and more men are coming into the salons not only for their haircuts but color enhancing too and I am thrilled about this, I feel it’s about time men get as vain and as pampered as women do. I have my staple of men clients for years now and most of them come to me because originally their wives or girlfriends brought them in for a little spicing up, or covering up grey or their agencies sent them in for a ‘makeovers’, and I must say I enjoy everyone of them and doing their hair. I am also seeing a growing number of clients now bringing in their son’s for hair color which was always reserved for their daughters, but the boy’s are asking for cool creative hair coloring and it’s great.
And when we think of men’s hair coloring we imagine shoe polish colors or Barry Manilow blonde streaks (sorry Mr Manilow), this might have been so in the past but the art of hair coloring men’s hair has changed in a good way. The variety of hair color services we can offer men today are easy and fast with natural or edgy looking outcomes and my personal philosophy regarding men’s coloring is approach it has subtle or as bold, customize even for a man.
Today a groomed man can wear his hair with any kind of coloring that suite him, individually setting off his own unique style, and many are choosing to do so. We are seeing more and more professional men as well as teenage boy’s wanting bolder looks, from blue blacks to surfer like bleached highlights or softer sun kissed highlights, and color enhancing rinses. And I say thanks to the male celebrities, models, athletes and musicians for continually influencing our everyday men into cool fashionable guys with a little pop of color on their heads.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 03, 2009

    if done right i think men are hot with a little hair color