Jul 17, 2009

Hair Coloring & The Bob

The Everlasting Bob

As I continue to acknowledge the Bob’s100 years 1909-2009, we can say it is back and fabulous as always, though this classic shape has never left it is and remains to be the most requested haircut worldwide, hence why we are celebrating its 100th birthday. The best thing about this shape is that it can be worn by anyone, the Bob cuts today are not only the traditional chin length we think of but they are customized for longer hair, shoulder lengths or shorter, the main point is that it’s the most versatile haircut around.
Hair coloring a bob amongst most creative hair coloring artists all agree that a Bob cut is one of their favorite styles to color, and spicing up a modern Bob haircut with hair color is the way to go. With classic color shades or edgy, we can use color for detailing on all the fabulous variations of the haircut out there. My personal preferences with coloring these shapes range from simple to creative, gorgeous shinny solid tints (over all one color) or adding soft or bolder dimensions, using highlighting, lowlighting, block coloring, or color melting techniques to create a custom made classic rocking Bob, this shape has endless possibilities with hair coloring choices, and the bottom line is that it can be worn sexy or edgy but still remains the classic!

Inspirational Brown

Inspirational red

Inspirational Black

Inspirational Blonde


  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2009

    great inspirations!!!!

  2. AnonymousJuly 18, 2009

    how beautiful is the bob,, and those pic's are fab!!!

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