Apr 9, 2012

Men's Glossing

Grey hair on some men is sexy! but generally speaking grey hair can also be a sign of aging and in this youth obsessed society even men want a little something-something done to their hair color. I love having male clients in my chair for many different reasons, and in terms of hair coloring it has become easier to upsell a color service to them because of fast express services created for them.

No one wants to sit in a salon today for hours particularly men, I have always believed that finding the most private or hidden area in the salon is the best place for a male client getting hair color. There are many things we can do to refresh, polish-up or add a hint of sprinkle too men’s hair but the one express service I am loving is using the new Aveda Universal ON (clear/gloss) with a drop of a pure pigment or pure tone the results are fabulous!
 It can give a great overall tone too grey hair color using pigment, it enriches and adds body to natural hair color alone or with added tones and it imparts incredible shine and the process from start to finish using 5volume developer is 15/20 minutes max.  So call it Men's Glossing, Glazing! whatever name we give this service it's time to focus and encourage more men to get express services done in the salon, and remember "less is best".