Dec 31, 2012

Happy 2013

Wishing you a, Prosperous, Joyful, Peaceful and Creative New Year
So go grab a box of crayons and use all the colors to live to the fullest in 2013!!!!

Dec 25, 2012

Merry Beautiful Christmas!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday seasoning...
Bring on 2013!!!! see you then
Much Love&Light

Dec 17, 2012

Nature's Gifts from Aveda

Find an Aveda Lifestyle Store and Salon-Spas near you, and give from the heart of purity this holiday season.

Dec 10, 2012

Dry or Wet: Hair Cut

It is somewhat unfortunate that so few stylists are using dry cutting. Cutting the hair dry has several rewards, and most women and men who have had their hair dry cut most likely would prefer it done this way. So why are so many stylists hesitant to do or learn the art of dry cutting? As a hair colorist it makes complete sense to me to cut the hair dry, then color then tweak the cut, remembering that hair color changes the density of the hair (fattens up) and texture so that inch that was just cut is possibly now an inch and a half.

I personally prefer dry cutting when I’m about to color hair for many reasons, 1/ I can see the foundation (shape) which allows me to put my detail work in, 2/ The scalp is most likely not going to feel irritation because it was not massaged at the sink.  Another benefit of cutting the hair dry is that it allows both stylist and colorists to see the shape of the cut as it will appear when the hair is styled, wet hair is longer than dry hair, and so cutting the hair dry allows the stylist to remove just the right amount of length and bulk as well as where darker or lighter hair color should be placed for an overall customized end result.

I have learnt through the years from the many talented haircutters I have had the privilege of working with and coloring their cuts that the ultimate way and almost only way to cut curly or wavy hair is the dry cut. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to see the curl formation, and being able to see the curl pattern is essential when cutting curly and wavy hair, because if the hair is cut at the wrong part of the curl, the hair may become unruly and hard to manage. Don’t misunderstand me I am not saying all hair types or styles should be done dry but when it comes to curly and wavy hair, a dry cut is superior over the typical salon wet cut, and as for wet cuts leave a little to chip away for after its styled .


Dec 3, 2012


Rebooking is the easiest way to increase your profits with the clientele you already service. Client rebooking starts in the chair. As a beauty professional, it is your job to use your expertise to determine how long your client can go before their next visit. Ask your client questions about their style, such as "how long did it last" or "when did it stop looking its best"? Your clients will respond to a more personalized approach, rather than the basic "see you in 6 weeks" tactic.

The more often you emphasize the benefits of rebooking to your client, the more likely they are to actually rebook. Take time throughout their appointment to highlight the advantages to rebooking. Even clients with hectic schedules can benefit from setting something up in advance.
Trying phrases like "my evenings/weekends have been booking up" or "I'd like to see you before the holiday rush" can motivate clients that are on edge about scheduling. Creating some sort of time reference (i.e. an upcoming birthday, an important business trip) can further persuade.

The front desk also plays a major part and should always portray schedules as constantly being busy. Instead of offering "any time between 9 and 5" should be more like would you like a morning/afternoon appointment" or "what is the earliest/latest you could come in that day". Rephrasing key questions will go a long way with clients.
No client should ever leave the salon without being advised and re-advised to rebook. Clients should be properly informed on when they should return for their next appointment, and given several opportunities throughout the duration of their visit to do so. It is after all part of your job, and you can ensure a higher rebooking rate for your existing clientele, helping them come to the salon on a more frequent basis.

Nov 26, 2012

Get Inspired


From architectural designs both historic and modern to nature’s abundance of colors, textures, like intricate weaves of bamboo and wood to patterns which offer unique placement ideas (techniques) using curvature or linear lines, to art, make-up, photography etc.etc. Are all inspirational to me and always have been, remembering that pretty much everything including hair use the same fundamental design principles one being (The Color Wheel) which cannot be recreated. And taking ideas and color combination from any form of art can have a magical outcome on your creative senses and can help us out of our “boxes” so to speak. Let’s look at children’s hair with all the splendid natural touches of colors and how nature does not use strategic strokes when sun-kissing their hair, think about that. And just as an architect, fashion designers, graphic illustrators, photographers, make-up artists, hairdressers work in shapes they all use color to bring their work to life.

Nov 19, 2012

Mello Yellow Hair Color

For years I have been trying to achieve a soft lemon yellow hair color and until this past year I can honestly say “FINALLY” got it!! Thank you Aveda for Pure Pigment Yellow. It’s a versatile, compatible tone that I pretty much add it to a lot of my formulas, from browns to soft buttery blondes to yes lemon. We all tend to make blondes darker and instead of going darker this winter perhaps we can try keeping them slightly brighter, perkier yet soft. Adding yellow as one of the tones in tri-coloring (3 colors of highlights) is also a beautiful look on brunettes as well let’s not forget the redheads which is ultimately the best array of harmony in colors yet I feel blondes and brunettes can rock the yellow too.

Tip: add Y pigment to any Level as well with BV, LVB it delivers the warmth without the orange/red when you only want a slight touch.





Nov 13, 2012

Reverse Ombre

You probably already adore the Ombre fad, or as a hairdresser sick of it, in either case it’s still a high requested service by clients. And being inspired from the runways this fall-winter like Prada and Jean Paul Gaultie with daring interpretation on the reversed ombre hair colors it got me thinking ‘what if’ I start suggesting this to my clients. I love the look!! and the best part it’s a great way to grow out black or dark solid (tint) colors “Why-Not!  I have always liked darker hair color coming from the nape and whatever the face shape or body size is having a silhouette appear darker from the bottom or underneath creates leaner linear lines. It does not have to be as bold as some of these inspirations, if a client wants to move away from dark hair and go a couple of levels (shades) lighter this can be a great option, keep in mind that after suggestion a reserve ombre eventually the hair at some point will need to be cut so make sure clients are told this. And whatever the technique that is used to achieve the ombre with the reserve ombre always starts out soft.



Nov 5, 2012

Plum and more Plum Color

It's all about the Plum tone and if you have one item that say's plum this fall/winter then your in the spotlight, whether its hair color, a scarf, boots, hat, lips, nails you name it adding plum
is a great way to add some pop of rich color. Plum is a magical and most often thought of as sensual so try something new even if its a few panels/highlights of plum tones too your burnette hair color.


HCC Tip; Plum tones are blue based so when you want to achive intense plums and violets the hair must be at almost a platinum (no yellow). Think Color Wheel, yellow and purple cancel each other out.... 


Oct 31, 2012

Salon Stress Relieve

Doing it Right
When you ask anyone what is their favorite part when visiting an Aveda salon the answer is The Stress Relieving Treatment and The Shampoo.  I get a lot of opportunities in visiting many Aveda salons all over the globe and other then that oh so familiar smell (the products) the one constant is the SRT. I am always interested in finding out how each individual salon approaches it, and most recently having visited a great salon in Montreal ‘Au Premier’ I was impressed in how they serviced their SRT. Within the back part of the salon there with all its glory was a VAULT yes a magnificent old bank vault (the space was once a bank) which they kept and turned it into a private area where the SRT’s are done on clients ‘Brilliant’, each station has curtains for complete privacy with no noise due to the original 3 foot solid walls.  From there the clients are then directed to the shampoo basins for what seemed to be an incredible relaxing shampoo, NO ONE TALKING, and watching the clients I could sense they truly enjoy this part of the process so much that one of the clients told me she would pay just to get the Stress Relieving Treatment and shampoo. What great service and we should all think about this before we talk to or over a client’s head when shampooing or doing a Stress Relieving Service. Way to go Team Au Premier!!


Salon: Au Premier
5487 Avenue de Monkland
Montreal, QC H4A 1C6
(514) 489-8872

Oct 27, 2012

Bold Hair Colors

                                                                 Hello Again 

Aveda Hair Color let's you paint with ultimate creative freedom using a customized artists palette !!. Go Bold with new pure pigments or old classics.                            

Apr 9, 2012

Men's Glossing

Grey hair on some men is sexy! but generally speaking grey hair can also be a sign of aging and in this youth obsessed society even men want a little something-something done to their hair color. I love having male clients in my chair for many different reasons, and in terms of hair coloring it has become easier to upsell a color service to them because of fast express services created for them.

No one wants to sit in a salon today for hours particularly men, I have always believed that finding the most private or hidden area in the salon is the best place for a male client getting hair color. There are many things we can do to refresh, polish-up or add a hint of sprinkle too men’s hair but the one express service I am loving is using the new Aveda Universal ON (clear/gloss) with a drop of a pure pigment or pure tone the results are fabulous!
 It can give a great overall tone too grey hair color using pigment, it enriches and adds body to natural hair color alone or with added tones and it imparts incredible shine and the process from start to finish using 5volume developer is 15/20 minutes max.  So call it Men's Glossing, Glazing! whatever name we give this service it's time to focus and encourage more men to get express services done in the salon, and remember "less is best".

Mar 16, 2012

Featured Corner #3

There is nothing like being in the presences of passionate people that truly love what they do each and every day! And when you come across a family owned and operated salon that invites you in with huge hearts making you feel at home is one of those many things I am grateful for and say I Love my job! I recently had the pleasure to teach in Chicago and one of my visits was the Taylor Stevens Salon-Spa. Andrea Swanson who opened her salon in 2000 and has become a part of Aveda’s Prestige’s purfessional (educational) hair color team in 2008 invited me back to inspire her team. I first met Andrea in 2005 when I got a request to come to her salon and teach her staff Aveda hair color we instantly connected and I fell in love with her and the staff, Steve her husband and partner in crime and a beautiful little girl who gave me a hand massage at age nine Taylor. Seven years later that beautiful little girl has become a stunning, intelligent sixteen year old beauty who is the next generation in the family business, she already knows what customer service is all about and working part time in the salon as an assistant, shampooing and doing makeup finishes for their clients and doing it full-hearted with a smile I was impressed.

Andrea and Steve's passion is to teach and help salon owners with their business focusing on hair color as well as colorists to be successful for the long term but above all to ensure in their daughter Taylor that hard work, core values and a giving heart is success and together they can create a legacy of making a difference each and every day. The Taylor Stevens Salon-Spa group are not only doing it right behind their chairs they also give back to their community with several fundraising causes. Hats off to both Andrea and Steve for inspiring and teaching the next generation of a home grown Star.


Salon: Taylor Stevens Salon-Spa Algonquin Illinois

Mar 10, 2012

The Pink Hair Color Wave

Pink hair color is oh so here! With an increase in popularity we haven’t seen since 2000 when we first saw Pink sing. And whether someone is 10yrs or 60 everyone seems to be asking for some form of Pink hair color, how cool is this? In fact if I think of soft pastels first color that pops into my head is cloud-pink.
One of the exciting approaches for this spring I am encouraging some of my blonde clients to do is to add a little blush of soft pink even if it is on a small strand of hair hiding underneath. There are many variations of pinks to choose from now with Aveda's thrilling new  Pure Pigments the costomization is endless. Something I like to do is to pair pink up with  a hint of  soft violet, these two tones on blonde hair looks stunning and gets better as they fade.
I feel that there is a place today in our markets to do exciting and sometimes eye-popping hair colors and what I am hearing and seeing are the requests are coming in from all sorts of backgrounds, everyday people like business women, mothers, students etc. I so often hear from hairdressers that they are bored of doing highlights after highlights or tints and I always say "plant that seed of change" not only for your clients but for you as well, you would be surprised how many of your own clients would love a burst of change here is an opportunity.