Nov 19, 2012

Mello Yellow Hair Color

For years I have been trying to achieve a soft lemon yellow hair color and until this past year I can honestly say “FINALLY” got it!! Thank you Aveda for Pure Pigment Yellow. It’s a versatile, compatible tone that I pretty much add it to a lot of my formulas, from browns to soft buttery blondes to yes lemon. We all tend to make blondes darker and instead of going darker this winter perhaps we can try keeping them slightly brighter, perkier yet soft. Adding yellow as one of the tones in tri-coloring (3 colors of highlights) is also a beautiful look on brunettes as well let’s not forget the redheads which is ultimately the best array of harmony in colors yet I feel blondes and brunettes can rock the yellow too.

Tip: add Y pigment to any Level as well with BV, LVB it delivers the warmth without the orange/red when you only want a slight touch.





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