Feb 15, 2012

Shaggy Chic Hair

The shag haircut is resurfacing once again for spring/summer 2012 and I love it! And it seems that the inspirations are coming from “the women of Rock & Roll of decades past” even Rihanna is currently sporting a shaggy blonde look. The newer shapes have longer layers at any length with either short, long, wispy fringes (bangs) with an allover chic unfinished look. And with today’s shaggy hair styles they are more universally flattering for almost any face shape or hair texture looking like it occurred by accident unlike the 70’s Jane Fonda’s shag in Klute which was slightly coiffed. The best Shags have fullness without weight and with hair color the best part is almost anything goes! It’s also a great way to grow out short haircuts, as it grows periodically getting a little snip shagging it out ( scissors or razor) creating beautiful styles with movement and texture and helping with the Ugly growing out stages. Shaggy hair is a freer style for those who want no real fuss hair with just the right products and fewer steps and still look styling and yes chic.

Here are some inspirations

Feb 7, 2012

Aveda’s New reVision Color!

By now I hope all of you are as excited as I have been with the new goodies we have from Aveda to our world of hair color. Since 1993/94 when I was bestowed the honor of being a part of something new and risk taking Aveda’s first ever hair color line Shades of Enlightenment, too launching Full Spectrum Permanent Hair Color to Now! My beliefs then and now remain that there is no better hair color product out there then Aveda Hair Coloring Systems.

Aveda has sure come a long way, the evaluation has been incredible and thrilling for me as a hair colorist, educator and I remember the days when a few of us would present at events like HCUSA (Hair Color USA) and everyone would be wondering “Aveda has Hair Color, don’t they make shampoo?” Until everybody realized after many awards and great presentations that we were most certainly contenders in the industry’s hair color market, and I can truly say we have arrived.

I cannot be more proud to continue to be a part of the best tribe, professionals there is in our industry and work with a product made for Hair Color Artistry, Thank you Aveda for my new palettes and for continuing to deliver beyond excellence.