Dec 3, 2012


Rebooking is the easiest way to increase your profits with the clientele you already service. Client rebooking starts in the chair. As a beauty professional, it is your job to use your expertise to determine how long your client can go before their next visit. Ask your client questions about their style, such as "how long did it last" or "when did it stop looking its best"? Your clients will respond to a more personalized approach, rather than the basic "see you in 6 weeks" tactic.

The more often you emphasize the benefits of rebooking to your client, the more likely they are to actually rebook. Take time throughout their appointment to highlight the advantages to rebooking. Even clients with hectic schedules can benefit from setting something up in advance.
Trying phrases like "my evenings/weekends have been booking up" or "I'd like to see you before the holiday rush" can motivate clients that are on edge about scheduling. Creating some sort of time reference (i.e. an upcoming birthday, an important business trip) can further persuade.

The front desk also plays a major part and should always portray schedules as constantly being busy. Instead of offering "any time between 9 and 5" should be more like would you like a morning/afternoon appointment" or "what is the earliest/latest you could come in that day". Rephrasing key questions will go a long way with clients.
No client should ever leave the salon without being advised and re-advised to rebook. Clients should be properly informed on when they should return for their next appointment, and given several opportunities throughout the duration of their visit to do so. It is after all part of your job, and you can ensure a higher rebooking rate for your existing clientele, helping them come to the salon on a more frequent basis.

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