Jul 13, 2009

Perming Hair vs Hair Retexturizing

When you ask women today if they ever had a permanent wave 80% say yes with negative connotations and fearful faces attached to their experience—that 1980s perm. The thought of a permanent wave is daunting for both client and stylist, understandably so on the clients part I have seen many unhappy people and bad perms in my time, also understandably for the stylist who probably never learnt any other way’s of creating texture or different perm techniques other than the ones taught in the traditional cosmetology schools of the past and still some present. I encourage stylists to re-visit the chapter on permanent waving and find different tools you can use to create what hair trends were seeing for fall/winter 2009-2010 and that is textured hair, hints from the 80’s and 90’s amid fantastic classic shapes.
Today's perms, which for decades I have called, ‘re-texturizing’ can create everything from body to loose and sexy waves to adding support to details on a haircut and today they can also give you the true "wash and wear" look that every woman seeks for. It is also a great way to give hair a break and free you from the hassles of setting, blow-drying, and curling irons. However not everyone can have one or should have one, that is for the stylist/client to determine if the hair can be retextured, never do a home-perm. Their also a fantastic way to grow-out a shape, from bob’s, shoulder length cuts, long hair with fringes, the approach unlike the past is softer using bigger perm rods, pin curl sets, or setting rollers to perm with today, all resulting in beautiful stylish textured hair complimenting any kind of mode, so don’t be scared to go for a new and improved approach to re-texturizing (perming) hair, it’s back and it’s hot.


  1. AnonymousJuly 14, 2009

    I love curly, wavy, textured hair

  2. glad to see that you are telling hairdressers to get into perming hair , and that it is not going to be a lost art good job anak

  3. Love this hair the best!!!!