Jul 3, 2009

Highlighting Hair The Honey Way

One of the most popular hair color requests since the early 70’s has been honey highlights; it is also the most misunderstood. There is golden honey, amber honey, dark honey and something in-between we call Carmel which has more brown in it, and yes there is a honey tone for almost everyone. Picking the right honey tones or any tones for hair is a part of the most important process in the art of colorong hair, The Consultation. And one of the steps is in the visual communication; a stylists and clients way of understanding each others description of color,'remember your version of honey is most likely not the same as a clients or other way around. Bringing in pictures show's your stylists your idea of what honey colors are to you and the tones you like, same goes for the stylist, and using magazines are the best way to picking the tones out, missing this step in the consultation can possibility lead to an unhappy end result for both of you, and I strongly suggest usinng the language of visuals.

Honey shades falls into two categories for me, brown honeys and blonde honeys and when weaved into natural hair color or with other blonde shades, carmel shades and browns it is gorgeous in any form of tri-lighting or wanting a little sparkle on already pre-existing tinted hair. I use honeys as well as carmels as complimenting tones and because honey tones epitomize the phrase sun-kissed hair to me it is only natural to add a little sunshine to the hair any time of the year.

Inspirations of Blonde Honey's

Inspirations of Brown Honey's


  1. AnonymousJuly 03, 2009

    i want honey high lites, so pretty