Jul 20, 2009

Hair Color Myth or Truth

Should hair be clean or dirty for a coloring service?
For as long as I can remember this debut amongst hairdressers has been going on forever, and there was a time that coming to the salon for hair coloring or highlighting I would demand that the hair be dirty. Back then the products were harsher and the peroxides stronger, they would burn or bite people’s scalps so having their own natural oils would work as a barrier to prevent such discomfort. That was the past today I prefer people to come in with clean hair or no more than 2 days of unwashed hair.
My suggestion is clean hair allows the colors to develop as they are formulated to do so without working harder to lift out oils or styling products which actually can take part in the brassy end results we all hate,, perhaps this is why so many hairdressers use bleach for blonde highlights. And it only makes sense when dealing with grey coverage to ensure the color is going on a clean scalp, again so the color can do its job, another good reason is that any color service done on clean hair also processes faster doesn’t have so much build-ups to work through.
A Couple of tricks I have used for years on sensitive scalps when I am applying a tint is adding a packet of sugar twin, equal, sweet & low, whatever brand into my formula, it stop the possible burn, and if I know any individuals that react to hair color I ask them to take 1 antihistamine 1 hour before they come in to see me. Both of these tricks have always worked for me and my clients for the past 3 decades, these tricks do not apply to highlighting hair because the color does not sit on the scalp, so go ahead wash your hair the night before and see how much better hair color responds to your hair.


  1. AnonymousJuly 24, 2009

    Love Love Love your advice, guess this is why you are called a master.

  2. AnonymousJuly 29, 2009

    great advice msk,makes perfect sense