Jan 9, 2012

Email; Thank You

Getting into the hairdressing industry was in me from a child I think, a fun thing to do!!Taking my mother’s nail polishes and painting my Barbie dolls hair at age 7 “as mom reminds me” it was so cool!!! And it still is with more rewards then I could have ever thought. Going from a high school dropout straight into washing hair in a foreign country too more foreign cities, being amidst and part of the decade trends, and a career filled with acclaims from press and peers, it has been and remains a true blessing to say I Love what I do. And the passion I have for all beauty whether its  fashion, design, nature, arts of any kind keep me inspired my learning and experiences have helped to elevate me to where I am today 30 ode years later. Yet nothing inspires and feeds my heart more than making people look and feel great starting from the inside out and really doing it with a pure servant’s heart. We sometimes forget why we do what we do and then comes a gift unexpected, Please read the email I received.

Hello Ana. My name is Ted and I wanted to write you a line about the stunning high lighting you did with Sara a few days ago. She is the love of my life and her hair supports my contention that she is the most beautiful woman I could ever have imagined. Her blond tresses accentuate her charms and focus on her radiance. Sara is fortunate to have you, Ana, to assist her in helping her to glow! Well done! Ted

Sara a 65 year old client of mine married to Ted for 40 years! I have never met him as of yet, Sara beat cancer a year ago. Saturday Sara was my 10:00am appointment, it was for me a heartfelt joy that she was healthy and we could color her hair in over a year. My main goal was to make her look beautiful like never before and make her laugh and smile leaving the studio happy 'a great experience'. When we finished she started to cry from pure joy she loved her hair color and I could see in her eyes the smile from inside, I knew I had done my job!!! Thank You Ted for reminding me why I love what I do with a servants heart.

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