Jan 17, 2013

Flirty-Splashes For Brunettes

There are many good reasons to color hair brown. Clearly, in terms of lustre and shimmering highlights brown hair rules. Imagine that! Brown hair sparkles with the most light-reflecting color pigments and therefore outshines the competing blond color choice by miles.
And this is the best time to start suggesting a little more ‘flirty splashes’ to go with all shades of browns with your clients, and whenever I hear I am bored with my color I’d say 75% is usually a brunette. So how can we create more of this so called “Flirty Splashes” by using simple techniques and clever placements that will be in sync with the haircut/style. One of my favorite approaches is using back to back panels of one light brown and one dark brown which to me represent a subtle elegance of classic chic. I also love love black and brown, brown and cinnamon and of course the classic browns and caramels all beautiful combinations and can look stunning on almost any brunette or want too be.

So before you hear I’m bored beat the brown haired lady’s to it and start thinking flirty splashes.


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