Dec 28, 2011

Nurture Inner/Outter Beauty

I might be a bit passionate about beauty—if the description of “beauty” involves being able to cite a hair/beauty launches from 2005, or a designer hand-bag a client is sporting, or understand the difference between nitro-dyes versus petrochemical free products. You see, I’m of the old school of thought that beauty is just the accessories on top of an already-healthy main course. While I’m in support of enhancing what already Mother Nature gave us, many of the things we want to enhance such as – shinier hair, good skin, striking eyes, etc., we do through products. However not to get all spiritual on you but there is no point to any of this beauty stuff if you’re not also working on good health and being a more beautiful person on the INSIDE. Just like the old saying goes Beauty comes from the inside out holds true and 2012 is an opportunity to connect these elements and be in sync for the best possible you.
My beauty and health resolutions

-Buy certified organic beauty products

-Eat organic foods
-Hair- Spa or any Aveda Concept salons in your neighborhood
-Read or something like that
-Do mani-pedis + massages
-Practice meditation + vitamins
- Be kinder, generous and always have a servants heart
Happy New Year!

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