Dec 5, 2011

Brunette Beauty

Brunettes may not be the most exciting hair colors but they sure have taken on a whole other personality this year and to me there is nothing more striking then Tone on Tone coloring for all my brown haired ravens. And staying dark and rich in the dull winter months is absolutely fine as long as we have a pop of color somewhere else (lips. eyes, checks, scarfs), and with brown hair colors which need dimension there’s no better way than adding various brown tones starting with light to even black which is my favorite on a brunette seeing bold or soft panels running through the hair which I have been doing now for a while is beautiful. Still the traditional highlight tones for brown hair remains most popular (golden, caramel, and butterscotch) however for those who really want lower maintenance particularly Tints – Single Processes go with Tone on Tone. The fastest way I do this is after I have finished applying root formula I then begin to take slices of hair and apply my second formula to those slices of hair. The amount or density you take with the slices will determine again a bolder or softer end result, rule on thumb 1/ Fine hair = Fine slices, 2/ Thick hair = Bigger panels (Back to Back slices), 3/ Medium hair = both  Fine slices + Bigger/ Back to Back slices.   
Remember when we use Tone on Tone shades to always have a combination of warm + cool; this creates incredible balance to hair.   

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