Nov 29, 2011

Email: Itchy Scalp After hair Color

Hi my scalp is very itchy and gets flaky after I color my hair I do go to a Aveda hair salon and they say that they only use Aveda hair color which is why I chose that salon in the first place. I have now gone at least 5 times for color and this continues to happen, I do not want to switch my stylist or salon so any advice would be helpful
Thank you

Having a itchy scalp after a hair color is quite common and there are many possible reasons for this, in my experience most people that do react afterwards I base on a few critical scenarios 1/ improper shampooing, 2/ hormonal, 3/ sensitivity too activators , developers, peroxide, 4/ dehydrated scalps.2 out of 3 hair color manufactures use PDD, Aveda hair color is PDD free and a good choice for not only health of hair as well being a non-debilitating hair color line, however sometimes even with natural hair colors there could be an ingredient or symptom that could still itch the scalp. Try to rule out all the above scenarios, with your stylist you can both try a few old school remedy’s which has always worked for me and my clientele.
Your hair should not be shampooed for at least 48 hours prior to hair color service, also adding fron the list below will not impede the formula. 


        1-       In formula add 2 packets of sweet low, (equal, splenda) etc. + 4 drops Lavender essential oil

2-       In formula add 1 to 2 tablespoons milk or cream , a natural coater, soother

3-       Take an antihistamine 1 hour before hair color service

4-        Lightly spray the roots with ½ water ½ Calming Composition oil ( in spray bottle)

5-       After shampooing use Damage Remedy Equalizing Solution massage scalp then apply Scalp Benefits Balancing Conditioner, finish with a cool to cold rinse.  
These suggestions are tools that have worked for me and may not work for everyone, I strongly advise any individual to see their Doctor.

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