Apr 11, 2009

clients and you today

Today consumers know what they want and don’t want, what they want is a top notch service provider who she/he feels they are knowledgeable experts in the art and beauty hair, delivering it with a servants heart , with an honest holistic (seeing the whole person) approach.
What they don’t want are harsh debilitating products both for hair and well-being, arrogance, dirty salon, or someone who is not listening (a bad consult or no consult).This is a challenge in our ever changing, growing industry, it is also an opportunity. Share, educate, show the youth (and there are a lot of young people in this industry) how to operate behind the chair, with passion and honestly, from the way you approach a client to how you have given them a wonderful unique experience. Become your salon educator, or even exchange ideas, formulations, techniques with the person you work beside. Add and create your own unique signature and points of differences, (what can you offer that no one else can).


  1. This is how I see things to a question from my friend jtspace

  2. I love you Ana, and can not wait to see your stories. We pray for you and your Mom every day!

    Love, Louise and Marie!!

  3. I also look forward to any of your own story's, idea, new found tricks etc etc... xo