Apr 15, 2009

upset client

As I was walking my 2 puppy's yesterday in a very nice area (YorkVille) of exclusive shops and salons in midtown Toronto, I came across a women who was talking on her cell phone, infront of a salon which pretty much has all of our ex-employ's, she seemed extremely anger and I heard her say "I drove all the way in to Toronto for my color and they tell me I don't have an appointment, I'll color it myself " .....

So I thought,,, I wonder what happened there why did they not try to fit her in or even give her to another operator, so many senarios, how many times has that happened to me to you ,
do we ever really take into consideration the client????? how many times have I heard "I'm on lunch can't squeeze in", I havent had lunch in 30 years it does'nt appear that I'm suffering if you know what I'm saying here.

And for those of you that are always accomadating with Clients rest assured you are or will be most successful, people never forget it,,

As I am alway's asked whats your key to Success,,,
1/exceed clients expectations, be honest, be yourself, be kind
2/never turn a client away, even if the service can't be done offer a treatment, build the bigger picture for she/he to walk away with and rebook
3/let them ONLY know what you want them to know about you (remember they are not your friends, trust me on that).
4/deliver the desired end result like no one has before

And Finally as I am picking up Loulou's poo not to far away from this women, I simply said to her , you should go up the Street to Civello's they will help you out ,, she replied , I used to go there till my hairdresser left and came here ,, I'll go back ,,,,
their loss our gain :=)))))

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