Apr 29, 2009


First I would like to say why oh why are we still toning hair???? I understand that there are situations which need to tone,, however on each hi-lite client common,, this could possible mean we are just doing what we know, it could also mean that we don't know any other way to achieve a desired end result with blondes,, it could also mean lazzyyyyyyyyyy.

Something you might want to keep in mind,, Toning looks great when finished and clients walk out of a salon happy, but in my experiance I think once it hits the day to day wear and so on it comes back looking like shit, it gets all dull, washed out looking and more then likely ends up mustard.

A way to end so much toning is,, push your blond colors, process slightly longer, pick tones that will give you a nice cooler result, utilize your N series more, and please please please enough with the bleaching ,,, it's old and dangerous.

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  1. WoW....i say amen to that thank's Ms anak ;=)