Nov 16, 2009

Hair Product Spotlight: Tool #2

Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade

This satin pomade not only repels moisture from your hair and helping in the frizzy department but it also provides a few more aids to hair color. I use this product for a few reasons in my work as a hair colorist, my #1 reason, to prevent staining (color) around hairline, ears and neck when coloring hair.

My trick and for best results; to always apply the hair color(tint) first, making sure that even those stubborn hairline grey’s you hardly can see are covered then apply the pomade, even if you slightly overlap it’s safe. Another reason I love this product is that I can use and apply it on areas of the hair that might have or taken darker creating bands (uneven color), this we see mostly around front hairlines, or root area due to mainly overlapping of color. For this trick I take a small tint brush a quart size depending on head size and situation of pomade into a tint bowl, apply lightly pomade onto the hair that has banding then apply the color. The Brilliant Anti-Humectant is a fantastic styling ad but it as just as such merrit for use in hair color, if a product repels moisture then logic tells me it can repel color, it works and it is a tool I keep beside me.