Sep 8, 2009

Hair Color, Fall/Winter 09/2010

Today trends don’t dictate any longer if you’re IN or OUT but act has a catalogue of newly inspired fashions, ideas that are not cut in stone but inspirations of bits and pieces you draw from. Many of us in the fashion industry for years disagree with Trend Setting but agree on Trend Forecasts, because for years we have seen the wrong hair trends on the wrong person. Trends are created to represent ideas not always to be taken literally, take the idea, the theme and customize and create what suites that Individual regardless what actual color is hot for the season.

One thing is for sure is that F/W09/10 will see more people choosing hair color than before! As more women (and men) are now using hair color as an accessory to add to their individual style. From hiding grey, to moving towards a mix of many trends what we are definitely going to see is the use of predominantly subtle flashes of Tone on Tone, in various individualistic shades.

And for the last few years, it has become noticeable that a sophisticated look is making its way into the hair coloring trends as well as fashion. In fact there are some great old school hair coloring techniques that are being refined for this coming year making hair colors appear more striking and polished by being vibrant but not bright to an overall look in a purely elegant, masculine and organically raw season.
Hair Color Trend Forecast F/W 09/10
Tone on Tones Color
Brunettes with hints of molten gold’s peeking through from interior
Red-Heads with fine threads of new and old penny colors, (coins)
Blonde with almond and biscuit hues beside each other with flecks of butter tones

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