Sep 29, 2009

The New Hair Color ‘IT’ Model

Agyness Deyn is no stranger to most people with her edgy hair striding down the runways and magazine covers and this year she changed her hair color in three dramatic different shades and is being heralded by those in the industry as the modern day Linda Evangelista. Memories of decades past and the influence supermodels had with their hair cuts and hair colors, the granddame Ms Linda Evangelista made a huge impact on our industry and my pocket book as well as having fun with my clients. I don’t think we have seen any model nor celebrity that has made that type of “splash” since Linda and Jennifer Aniston until now and having several of my own clients bring me Agyness’s pictures this past year as references for hair color and cuts is fantastic because there bold yet classy and fun to do, and in these economical troubled times we all need a lift, a change, and hair color is a feel good item people will always buy, and maybe we will see more and more models and celebrity’s changing their hair and bring back the spotlight on hair color change globally.


  1. Not my favorite model but she is super cool!

  2. wow great blog site, love the info, thanks

  3. I love her edginess not the most beautiful but in a way she's charming and at least she takes the risks with her hair