Sep 9, 2009

Haircut-Color Change For Fall

Going for a new look for this fall! if you are one of those people who love to reinvent or love to change their hair come this time of year, I say ‘kudos’ to you, it is the perfect time
to explore new looks with haircuts, hair color, and make-up, there are however a few key things to consider to make this experience the best for you .

1/ Do not go into the salon with a ponytail, particularly if you are seeing a new stylists, I suggest you have your hair as you normally wear it , this gives the stylist a better idea of your hair type, texture, and previous style. If you are seeing your regular stylist and you are looking for a change, style your hair.

2/ When you are looking for a slight or dramatic hair color change bring loads of pictures of hair colors you like, remember in hair color we need a visual communication, my red is different than my clients red. Book a consultation before making the actual appointment whether it’s a new stylist or you’re regular.

3/ Make sure you are ready for the change, we cannot glue hair back up, and contrary to what many people think once your hair is colored it is a very hard task to bring the hair back to its natural color, especially going red.

4/ And changing includes your make-up palette, you can’t wear the same colors as before,
consult with a make-up artist , even your stylist can suggest new great lip colors, eye shadows, and blushes.

5/Change your shampoo and conditioners, this should happen at the beginning of every season, and if you have gone for a color change it is important you use cleansing and conditioning systems that are specially designed for color treated hair.

My Product Suggestions

Aveda ; Color Conserve Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment


  1. love those products and this blog!!

  2. Great Tips thank you =)