Sep 23, 2009

Tinting Eyebrows

The eyebrow is considered a major feature in defining the face; it is also there to protect the eye area and this single tiny strip of hair can also defy a person’s look, The eyebrow to me is the frame to the eyes, as the eyes are the mirrors of the soul they are in beauty a very important part of an individual’s style and personality. Tinting eyebrows is an art because like the hair on the head it has natural underlying pigments or grey, understand that eyebrow hair can also go brassy, or to bright just like the hair color on our heads so formulation is key and knowing when to take it off. The first thing to consider when dying eyebrows is will it look natural, and are you prepared to possibly have roots yes roots on your eyebrows. For years my clients have been asking me if they should dye their eyebrows to math their hair colors and I always say ‘match no’ but ‘compliment’ yes, the reason is because mostly blondes and redheads who dye their eyebrows look fake, brassy and just like the hair on the head it grows roots, not so pretty. No matter what color of hair you have the eyebrow should always be slightly darker to bring focus to the eyes, even children’s eyebrow colors are darker than their golden locks.
What I do recommend is,
Blondes lightening up a shade or two no more and use a ash/blue base, checking process in 5 minute intervals until desired tone.
Reds use brown based red; you can use the same formula as your hair colors just add a smidge of a lower level.
Grey covering grey hair on eyebrows is difficult due to the coarseness, a trick I use is taking hair wax, and apply it on the eyebrow helping to keep those stubborn grey hair down, so the dye can stick right on them and the rest of eyebrow for better coverage


  1. thank you super tips!!!!

  2. ugliest thing is to see roots on a womens eyebrows,yike

  3. i made the mistake once, when i went blonde ekkkk not prretty is right ;=)