Sep 17, 2009

Model Hair Spotlight #4

The Coco Moment

Coco Rocha started her modeling career in 2004 and since then has graced every fashion magazine, ad campaigns and major runways. Her beauty is undoubtedly a classic look with a piercing Starr. She was discovered at an Irish dance competition, which later would prove she can still dance the highland style dance while opening for Jean Paul Gaultier Fall/Winter 2007 show, and continues to be one of the most used models today. She also has no fears in changing her appearance by changing her hair colors Going from rich browns, to last year’s bright red to her present striking black. Her editorial work is always fabulous as she has the versatility of being a true chameleon and this Canadian beauty is here to stay on top of the new era of “Super Models”.


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  2. love her and a pride canak she is