Oct 25, 2011

Extra Touch #1

   Hand Treatment    

 I am constantly working on creating new services in the Studio not only in hair color but for a ‘Client Experience’ so for every individual that sits in the chair they will receive extra touches and hopefully excellent service. These days an added touch to a service is important why? consumers want more for their buck so to speak and the competition is also doing added value services which means clients have choices. So lets just say I have upgraded an Aveda hand massage to a Hand Treatment and so far my clients (guests) are loving this one.

While the hair color is being processed we offer a hand treatment , first scrubbing in warm hot with a touch of Aveda’s Caribbean Therapy Body Scrub then wrapped in a warm towel followed by a smoothing massage with Aveda Hand Relief and finally a light mist of Aveda Botanical Kinetics Skin Firming/Toning Agent. Does this sound like a great service you would want getting your hair colored? you might think it may take too long in fact all it takes is 10 minutes or less. So whatever it takes to make the time for a hand treatment make it! Believe me the more you offer the more the word spreads about their experience the busier you will be!!!. recreate your value added services.  

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  1. Fantastic idea for the holidays, i am going to tell the girls