Oct 12, 2011

Should Coloring Men’s Hair Be Different Then Women’s

Let’s just say that perhaps one fundamental difference between coloring men’s hair and women would be the amount we do. In the 80’s and 90’s I remember doing  just as many foils on the head of a man as I would for a woman, call it the era of Duran Duran hair :) the percentage of my male clientele back then was a lot higher then recent years until now. Today as time has passed I have seen more and more men being concerned over their grey hair and showing interest in 'a little color'. Men want fast and efficient services not to say we take away any added valve services we offer too our female clients or attention, in fact men receive the same and then some. Offering rinses, low-lites and even subtle hi-lites to add body and dimension to their hair and haircuts is the way to go creating customized and quicker techniques, so for all you hairdressers out there start recommending Men's Hair Color.  
Keeping in mind that for most men their main concern is that their hair looks natural. One thing we must remember is to explain to them that it just might be that they need to visit the salon more often just like any female client because their natural hair color as been changed and with that also comes new growth (Roots), so it does matter in which hair coloring approach we take with men, they also hate to be displayed so find the most private corner to color away.
Should we color men's hair differently? Yes and No...

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