Oct 21, 2011

Featured Corner # 1

Having just returned from the west, Calgary/Edmonton teaching and spending time with not only incredible hairdressers but beautiful hearts I find myself inspired to create a Featured Stylist Corner. These individuals to me represent professionals that love the craft of hairdressing, beauty, and fashion and continue to strive hoping to make a difference in our industry and with the people they touch. Seasoned or Newbies we  can all learn from each other and share in making our tribe the best there is.  

I have written many posts in the past regarding Permanent Waves and how shocking it is to me that the majority of hairdressers do not do them. I know or have heard all the reasons why this service is almost absent in most salons or there might be one to two people who actually do them, biggest reason I believe is fear from cosmetology school. This past weekend which ends my season of travel for the year of educating finished with a short visit too one of our concept salons, an in-salon class to inspire and share formulas and a couple of quick foil placements. I had a wonderful time with this group of smart, creative individuals that embraced all I had to share and as always was leaving with a full heart. I very rarely get a chance to linger with everybody after a short class I’m usually rushing to catch a plane so I don’t get a chance to see the staff actually use the tools I just taught them behind their chair, since my flight was later on I could hang around. Not only did I see two stylists doing a placement I taught but as well others trying my formulas, what a feeling! Now to Katrina who has been in the industry 7 years and has been in a few of my academy classes in the past, a true beauty inside and out with a passion for her work and people with a big heart and a great student was doing a perm I was like YEAH! Someone is doing a perm with no fear and doing it just right with all the correct Aveda products to use with a perfect wrap on YES highlighted hair.  I loved it! and in this salon almost all of the stylists do perms, my hats off.

Katrina Boyeechko

Salon Sylvia & Co Aveda Concept Salon, Sherwood Park, Alberta,


  1. I got a perm in grade 3 at Vidal Sassoon on Hazelton...Cost my mum a bundle...But ever since then my hair grows in fluffy & thick...The perm changed the root structure...Previously I had drink of water dirty blonde limp...35 years later my hair still grows in fluffy...So even for people who don't suit curls, a perm can fluff up the root so your hair grows in fluffier forever more...(Though possibly the old style perm techniques were more invasive than todays perms...)

  2. i always wanted hair color like that :)
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