Oct 10, 2011

No Idea

Now how can 5 or 6 years pass by and only like a few days ago it occurred to me that I had colored a very young fiery Brazilian beauty that had only been in NYC for the past 6 months. She smoked  cigarettes, was chatty, hung-out with us, and I was going to color her very thick long hair for a step by step collection called Flow for Aveda, and after a long day she did not have enough cash on her to take a taxi home I gave her $20 to get home. I see all my interaction with this model like it was yesterday, turns out to be Camila Alves better known as Matthew McConaughey Baby Mamma for now.

Can I say shocker!!! only because it took me this long, and if it wasn’t for someone asking me what she was like I would probably have never realized it was her. The clincher was this, most of the models that are done for the actual look/techniques are given a name 90% of the time it’s the models real name hence why it was called Camila.

All I can say is she was a stunner, sexy, confident, nice, with a free spirited brazilian attitude, maybe she can lend me some money now LOL.


  1. I totally remember this collection! Well done! She sure is a beauty!!!

  2. Wow I remember this,, and I just figured it out too,, LOL,, so glad your blog is back