May 15, 2009

Can I Go Red?

Almost everyone can go red, what's most important is finding the right shade of red. If you want to go red, I suggest not trying it on your own, which would be a disaster trust me, get a professional consultation. You won't believe the number of women ending up unhappy when they tried to go "red." The number one complaint from women with red hair is that their hair color quickly fades. We know it happens for fake added pigment to wash or wear away after some time, but red in the industry is known to be the hardest to maintain and the hardest to remove, (Hello Salmon).

So what is happening, we are seeing a resurgence of women wanting to try all shades of reds and coppers, scary if it isn’t the right color on them, this is what I ‘m afraid of, needing my sunglasses to ward off possible day-glow colors walking down the street the ones you can see 5 blocks away, that only looks good on editorials, print work .

Years ago a group of us were asked to do a new hair color launch in NYC to all the beauty editors and contributing beauty writers of the magazines, Elle, Allure, Glamour, Modern Salon, and a few others, the twist was that we each had a model to do “the editors and writers”. I was pumped I thought easy, and my model ended up being the editor of a major one who will remain nameless, she was a beautiful mid-40’s redhead, and she wanted fiery red, “oh do I have the red for you” so on I went doing my thing and gave her what I considered a stunning bright blue based red/copper, it was fantastic until the gown came off and she came back dressed in a pink Chanel suite with the hottest lip color back then a fuchsia. Did I want to crawl under a rock, what didn’t I do right?, I did not ask her about the colors in her wardrobe, I did not ask her what make-up tones does she wear the most, two important parts to coloring a person’s hair that we must know , this way we can determine whether we choose cool or warmth, I should of picked warmth with subtle red/violet sprinkles .

The key to coloring great reds on anyone that can have red hair is to always I mean always combine both hues in the formula, let me explain, traditionally when a person has olive undertones it was suggested that we go opposite use cool bases, for me this only adds more attention to the shallowness olive skin color has, green (cool), so adding a little warmer orange/golds compliments that skin type making the hair color more real natural, same goes when one has pale cool skin color, add some warmth , whether if it is an all over tint or hi-lites balance your reds with both cool and warm, and never do Burgundy that doesn’t belong on hair but in a wine glass.
Red heads Debra Messing,Kate Walsh, Julianne Moore