May 19, 2009

The Red Lip

Egyptians painted their lips red and lined their eyes with kohl, In ancient Japan, the geishas paint their faces white and their lips red. Red lips are a universal symbol of beauty and as long as there's humanity, there's vanity.
I used to sport red lips in fact I would not leave my house even if it was for groceries without my red lips and whenever I had it on I would get the best compliments, now I can’t remember when was the last time I put a red lip on it seems ages ago I think its the age thing. I’m older now and think I don’t want to much attention at me until today. Today I went into a very high end department store that sales the most expensive cosmetics, colognes, bag, shoes, cloths you get the idea, I was in the shoe department a passion of mine but what women doesn’t have that exact passion? Out of the corner of my eye I saw the most beautiful women, possibly in her 60’s she was stunning , with a silver geometric bob and bright blood red lips, I thought she looked just great, she worked in the shoe department. I have made it a point in my life that when I see something I like or admire to say so, so I did I told her she looked great and asked her what was she wearing on her lips she told me and I thanked her and she said to me that I have made her day with my compliments, what a warm fuzzy feeling I got back.
So of course I went and bought it hoping I will get enough nerve to wear it, and through my little journey of looking at all the red lipsticks and the makeup counters busy with people I remembered a story that was once shared at a dinner table I was at, the story teller was Leonard Lauder, yup Estee Lauders son, I had the great fortune of being placed right beside him, we were being treated to a team dinner since the Lauder corporation had just purchased the company I was working for. He told us that in the year of the great depression his mother Estee Lauder made her first million dollars off a red lipstick, and there were 2 other industry that soared Alcohol, and Panty Hose. I was shocked people did not have food to eat but women everywhere went out and bought the red lipstick.
So the moral of my story here is, yes we are in a recession and perhaps people will not buy million dollar homes or expensive cars right now, but history tells us they will buy feel good items, Like a simple red lipstick with a cocktail in hand and a great pair of hosiery on.
Try some of these Red Lipsticks

Laura Mercier Feiry Red

Nars Scarlet Empress

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  1. Love this posting!
    Everyone can wear Red Lips!
    I hope you start wearing them again!