May 11, 2009

Star Trend #1 : Drew

The Ever Changing Ms Barrymore

She is still adorable, irresistible, charming, and beautiful, we loved her in ET, and we have watched her grow into a elegant woman. She can be Bohemian, Classic, and pure Hollywood, she is a constant Trends Watch with her looks, although when we think of Drew Barrymore we think of her as being a blond, however she’s one of the few actors who can wear any hair color and look great.

Like her or not Drew Barrymore’s hair for the most part always looks good wavy, curly, straight. Long, doesn’t matter there is always something we or a client can draw from using her as a visual when consulting with clients, I do and will continue to look at what she’s sporting next, love you Drew....


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  2. absolutely love drew barrymore, great idea on showing her pictures,,,love your blog