May 21, 2009

Star Trend #2 : Christina

Christina Ricci the constant reinvention

We were first introduced to her as Wednesday Adams from the film Adams Family, Big eyed, pouty mouth awkward beauty. Christina Ricci is one of Hollywood’s top actresses known for her ability to transform her looks for any part she play’s, remember Sleepy Hallow or Monster.

I have been watching her evolutions of style for more than a decade now, seeing her go from the grungy teenager to the chic elegant woman she has become today, voted one of the top dressed in Hollywood, and for the past couple of years I have had clients bringing in her pictures, most recent for her lighter hair coloring, she has become another great reference for me when I am consulting, keep Ms Ricci in mind, she frequently changes her hair color and we love her for that.

Christina Ricci hair changes

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