May 31, 2009

Conditioning Cocktails

Still don’t have soft silly hair after buying almost every moisturizing conditioning product out there, or your client’s hair is still dry and unmanageable let me suggest we go back to old school. Before we had all these lotions and poisons, and modern technology our grandmothers, their grandmothers and so on all had their own concoctions and solutions we all know of, mayonnaise, vitamin E oils, olive oil, coconut oil, neroli oil, ‘which Cleopatra used to drench her hair in and sit for weeks with it on her head until it was washed out 10 times’. For centenaries and till today the one fundamental ingredient was oil, and going back to my assistant training and biology knowledge what I do and use in my studio and suggest to my clients has always been deep conditioners plus an oil added.
We cocktail our styling aids mixing mousses and gels together or pastes to achieve a certain style and to me the some theory I apply to the homecare regiment I recommend to my clients with their shampoos and conditioners to mix them up 'everyone has more then one conditioner under their sinks, cause your stylist has recommended many or your a product junkie. Back in my day we used a lot of olive oil yup a bottle was also in the despensary, adding it into our treatments for clients and stuck them under steamers, which took 5 washing to get it out, this is why today there are great natural products that are refined without losing the potency of all the old kitchen goodies our granny’s used, who has that kind of time today, 5 shampoos I don’t.

The recipe; ½, 1 to 2 teaspoons of oil for each time you shampoo your hair; I take the amount of conditioner required for the length and thickness of hair and judge the amount from there. And if you have curly, frizzy fly away hair use a drop into your finishing seriums and styling aids , beat the dry summer heat and watch it control the humidity off your hair.
After shampoo take your masque, deep conditioners and add oil to it, concentrate on applying it first to the mid-part of the hair working it down to the ends then to scalp massaging it through then use a wide comb gently combing all the tangles out with adding oil to your conditioners you will discover less tangles and hair loss, leave it on for 2 to 5 minutes then rinse.

And Thank you to my Friend Sandy for inspiring me to share this as she reminded me how great oil is for her hair over our great burger.

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