Jun 1, 2009

Top Up Your Hair Color

Gloss your hair and protect it

Most hair salons offer treatments as well as glosses and adding this into your color ticket is essential to maintaining and preserving not only the longevity of the hair color but the health of hair as well, I use Aveda Full Spectrum Depoisit Only Color Treatment an excellent 99% naturally derived product, I apply a gloss on every client I do particularly more in the summer I can say I mostly use clear glosses, to me they act like the top coats you apply after your nail polish, a shield from bleaching sun and water and any environmental elements including blow dryers and flat irons, they can revitalize your hair and add incredible shine and sparkle, a great way to tame gray hair also.

An added bonus: gloss also combats humidity and frizz and the change is noticeable and will last four to six weeks.Glossing after any color service is a sure way to bring the PH back to the hair, it adheres to the hair shaft when it is open and seals around the cuticle, and this is why applying one directly after the service is when it works best. The hair becomes silky and strong colors look fresh, and you’re protecting your investment with putting on a top hat for your hair.

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