Jun 8, 2009

Star Trend #3 : Sarah

Ms Sarah Jessica Parker To You

We love her as Carrie Bradshaw who introduced a new generation of women to the passion of shoes and collections of eccentric yet chic styles, thanks to Patricia Fields. Sarah Jessica Parker is considered to be one of Hollywood’s biggest label junkies; she does have a unique style and not always on the top best dressed lists but wears fabulous designer clothes and the fashion industry loves her for that.

One thing is for sure that Ms Parker is on a top list for, is her main of hair and how she loves to play with hair color. She has gone from blonde to honey shades to dark brown and made grown out roots popular, ‘which I personally love’, and wears her hair so graciously in a classic upstyle on most of the Red Carpets she attends. I have often had clients bring her pictures for the hair color and I do show her picture as well when describing a color tone or look, people love her cause I think there’s a Carrie Bradshaw in all of us.


  1. I love the first picture, how would u describe that colour? I'd love it!