Jun 19, 2009

Skin and Hair Color with Fuchsia Lips

There is good news for all of you makeup artist and junkies. It’s pink and it’s hot!
It seems like every Spring/Summer, this hot trend sneaks back into our makeup bags and on a Must Have List. Almost anyone can wear fuchsia lips, as long as you pick the RIGHT SHADE for your skin tone and keep the rest of your make up simple.
I have seen many times the wrong shade of fuchsia on redheads, brunettes and blondes, and yes a redhead can wear pink unlike in the past where traditionally it was a no due to the limited color choices that all cosmetic companies had for women in those days. A great guideline to buying the right shade of fuchsia for skin tone and let’s not forget hair color is to look for different fuchsia shades that have either warm speckles(undertones) or blue. And if you follow the universal principal laws of design in theory and in nature you can’t go wrong, color is simply the paint on the canvas, you being the canvas. The colors of our skin are part of the most important decision making when buying makeup or changing the color of our hair.
My theory is, try a fuchsia on see which one sparkles on you and flows with your skin and hair color, after all its lipstick you can take it off.

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  1. I think that Fuchsia is often misunderstood! Such a Beautiful Colour and So gorgeous on the skin!

  2. love love bright lips in the summer my fav funny face by nars