Jun 10, 2009

Baby Blonde

It is noted that every time in history there has been economical unrest the beauty business sores with record numbers, a feel good industry and the biggest request in hair coloring is baby blonde which is the real connotation of “California Blonde” having lived there and recently visited myself.

Women everywhere are asking for lighter hair whether as highlights or solid color they want sexy blond locks and yes it is summer and naturally clients always ask me for lighter hair, however it’s that baby blonde most are asking for this season, *the platinum blonde*, and when it’s done right can look fabulous, but this can be a very daunting task to naturally dark haired women and their stylist, because in most cases we either do not put enough highlights in and turn out not light enough or we have to reapply the color a couple of times to get it right with possible burning pain attached.

Going baby blonde or platinum can also be a slightly more costly venture due to faster new growth of roots and appearance of demarcation lines, however if you’re ok with spending a little more or remembering the phrase “No Pain No Gain” it’s worth it for a season. And it’s been a century long appeal when the world was introduced to the blonde goddesses of eras past, and like anything in art, design and fashion it’s come around again.

My Favourite natural bases that work well are those women or men that as children had blonde hair or in the industry’s language levels 6 and above. For double processing one mistake hairdressers alike make is remove the bleaching to soon, so as soon as you think it’s done give it another 10 to 15 minutes, I promise you it works, also make sure you are using a blue or violet based shampoo and conditioner to keep those unwanted brassy (yellow) tones away. It’s the season for all the blondes out there to step it up and go lighter, and do “blondes have more fun” ask anyone who has done it and they all say yes with a smile.

my recommended products:

Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo and Conditioner

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  1. AnonymousJune 11, 2009

    I love seeing these photos..I don't feel so alone. I'm Swedish (heritage) and have blonde hair that went grey in the front half....but it looks platinum blonde. My hair looks just like the photo of cameron diaz above (the one on the left) with that same curl and color. Now I know what products to use to keep the color intact!