Jun 10, 2009

Nail Polish Trends Summer 2009

This summer the hottest trends in nail polish colors are fun bright and oh so juicy, and two of my favourite brands have come up with fabulous colors that appeal to everyone. Do we have to look at skin color when choosing nail polishes? I have seen the wrong colors on individuals toes and finger nails and have made that mistake myself, now this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear the latest polish trends this means pick the right tones of yellows, pinks, greens, purples that most nail polish companies are featuring for this season. Imagine green on olive skin color, or pink on ruddy skin color, or even pastie white on pale skin, not so pretty and the idea of polishing up your toes or fingers is not only to add some fun but to make them look, clean and pretty as an accent to our hands and a compliment to toes in a sexy pair of sandals.
Two brands that I feel have always nailed (excuse the pun) the trends are Essie and Chanel checkout there spring/summer 09 collections.

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