Jun 24, 2009

Blue Lip-Gloss

This season some of the major cosmetic brands have come up with their versions of blue lip gloss. And why are blue lip glosses becoming popular? Because blue-tinted lip glosses make your teeth look whiter and give a subtle bounce of light and balance off the red in the lips which gives a beautiful transparency to the lips as well as cool down your skin color.

Although it might sound kind of crazy blue lip-gloss, don’t be scared they don’t look blue at all, they have been created in super sheer shades. They can be worn alone or over any of your favourite lipsticks. The lips appear see-through soft and plumped, try one of these great glosses this summer and brighten up your face and smile!

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  1. i bought the benifit one i love it so glad i am cool hehe,, if it's on your blog it must be cool

  2. buy the gosmile it has vit A and feels and looks great , thank you for tthe other suggestions AnaK