Jun 26, 2009

Hair Color For Kids

I was asked yesterday to highlight an 8 year olds hair which has prompted me to write this blog and share my thoughts on coloring a child’s hair. And through the years I have been asked countless times to do kids hair but never this young, I looked at the mother who is a great client of mine and said ‘really’ she assured me it was what her little girl wanted because her best friend got highlights, and she was at her whit’s end with her, so she brought her to me to add some blonde in her hair or scare her.

My Personal rule is, I might put 1 or even 2 foil highlights in the front of the hairline at 8, which I caved in and did in fear my client would try to do it at home just to stop her 8 year olds crying, and her frowning was killing me, but no more ten that, “remember kids are finicky and get bored of things easily”, she was 8 going on 18.
In conclusion, today kids are smarter and more aware then I was as a kid, the wants are different today and so are the peer pressures, we hear of 8 year old little girls and boys are on diets just to be able to wear the latest hippest clothes or are using expensive computers and getting almost everything they want. Times are fast, pressures are high but something’s should remain innocent, children’s hair truly should be naturally lightened by the sun the ocean or by simply just playing outside, let a kid be a kid at least till puberty then have them come see me .

My Recommended Products for Children.

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  1. AnonymousJune 26, 2009

    I had a situation once coloring a kids hair,, what a nightmare ,,

  2. I think 8 is to young too,, but i would of caved too hehehe