Jun 2, 2009

Ginger Hair Color

According to popular hair dressers, ginger hair color is one of the most misunderstood shades and often make the mistake is made of thinking that the client wanted ginger while in fact they wanted either reddish, copper, of even strawberry blonde hair colors. When you look at redhead children we actually see a ginger head, ginger is the balance between, orange and gold (yellow) with a hue of brown and when you are formulating split your orange and gold’s equally and add a bite of brown, now you have ginger.

The hair color we call red is not truly red base; most shades we call red are actually orange bases, with red, blue or yellow pigment, here we create our warm shades on the swatches under the category Red.Red-browns, red-gold’s, coppers, gingers, strawberry’s are among the most popular shades of red available in the market, and one of the most common re-do’s . And if you know me and follow my philosophy, ‘consult’ always with visuals pictures from magazines, collect has many clippings of what color of ginger or any red you want and bring them to your stylist, and as for all the hairdressers keep high end fashion magazines around so you both can go through them together, and remember one persons notion of ginger is different then the next persons, we all see and perceive colors unlike each other.
Use words describing the exact ginger color along with the visuals like ginger spice- more brown; golden ginger- more yellow; ginger-red- more blue. And most importantly the right ginger on the right skin color, best skin tone that is beautiful with ginger hair is on, light eyes, pale skin with pink or ruddy undertones. Almost everyone can have ginger just make sure to customize it for you or the clients.
A client once brought me a picture of her bulldog in to describe the exact color she wanted, I thought that was a brilliant idea and I gave her just that, Freddy the English bulldog’s ginger colored coat.



  1. I LOVE gingers!!! Freddy the Bulldog is pretty cool too! xo

  2. love this one! can't believe someone wanted to look like their bulldog though. can you imagine me saying i wanted white hair like happy's!?? ha!