Jun 15, 2009

Summer Hair Accessories

While bold jewellery has been on the list for awhile now…hair bands, scarfs and hair jewelry are back in a big way for hair accessorizing and seen as a huge hit on the spring / summer 09 runways. I have always been a fan of hair accessories and wear them quite often myself particularly on my lazy days or roots are bad, or trying to grow out my length,(great trick along with hats) and I always get the compliments on those days. Use ribbons, layer colored hair elastic or leather strings , decoritive bobby pins or jeweled bands for those evenings out, be creative have fun.
Embracing summer’s humidity and keeping hair up and off your face, is a simple task with these great accessories Look for floral headbands, hats, headwraps, hair clips and other hair accessories and have a stress free summer hair season and look Fab!

Top Picks

The Scarf

Hair Bands

Hair Jewellery

Hair Clips , Bobby Pins


  1. Love the Options!
    I wore my hair up yesterday with a hair band.
    I felt proud of myself.....but I had a massive headache....LOL